Greyhound Friends For Life

Greyhound Friends For Life is a
nonprofit, all-volunteer animal welfare organization, dedicated to finding
qualified homes for former racing greyhounds and to educating the public
about the inherent cruelties within the greyhound racing industry. Contact us if you want to adopt or
need more information…
he greyhound has been prized throughout history for his intelligence, speed
and beauty. Today, this ancient breed, which was once the companion of
kings, has been claimed by a new master — the multi-billion dollar greyhound
racing industry, In the 20th-century America, the once noble greyhound
now runs for his life.
the over 30,000 puppies born into the industry yearly, only one in 20 will
generate enough money to stay alive to the mandatory “retirement”
age of five years. This harsh, unforgiving system of breeding and killing
for profit produces a surplus of many thousands of greyhounds annually.
All but a lucky few of these are killed in the cheapest manner possible
when they fail to produce a profit. Greyhound Friends For Life was
formed to maximize greyhound adoptions in Northern California and to more
effectively address the plight of the racing greyhound.
Although the majority of racing greyhounds are not adopted, for the
fortunate greyhound who finds a loving home, adoption efforts are 100 percent
successful. The reward for adopters is the joy of sharing their homes with
an affectionate, loyal and grateful companion who will be a friend for
Greyhound Friends For Life is affiliated with the following animal
protection organizations:
Greyhound Welfare Foundation