Greyhound Protection LeagueAction Alert!

The work of the Greyhound Protection League
is dedicated to the hundreds of thousands of gentle, trusting greyhounds
slaughtered in more than seventy years of parimutuel dog racing in America.
The Greyhound Protection
League (GPL) is a national, non-profit organization
dedicated to protecting greyhounds from the exploitation and abuses inherent
in the greyhound racing industry. We believe that through education and
continued media exposure, the public perception of greyhound racing will
be altered from that of a harmless spectator activity to its brutal reality
– a blood sport responsible for immense animal suffering and the routine
killing of thousands of young, healthy dogs each year.
Our efforts have already shown that once the greyhound racing industry
no longer enjoys the support of the casual investor and the attendance of
the general public, hardcore gamblers will not generate enough revenue to
keep it in business. Continued pressure from the humane community, coupled
with the growing public interest in casino gambling, will undoubtedly bring
about the demise of dog racing.
Founded in 1991, the Greyhound Protection League was the first organization of its kind to break the silence and speak out
nationally to expose the atrocities inflicted upon racing greyhounds. The
League has been a primary source of factual information provided to media
contacts interested in providing an accurate picture of the greyhound racing
industry. Our work goes on both on the front lines and behind the scenes
through the efforts of dedicated volunteers across the country.
INDUSTRY CAN CONTINUE ONLY WITH YOUR SUPPORT! Please help us in our mission to stop greyhound racing dead in its tracks. Donations are desperately needed.
The Greyhound Protection
League is interested in your feedback or questions; however, we are an all-volunteer organization. Please be aware
that during busy periods, it may take up to 2 weeks to respond to your questions.
If you have an emergency situation, please indicate so in the title of your
message, or better yet call our toll-free number: